Fifa 19 E3 2018 Preview

Fifa 19 returns to really no one's surprise and while at E3 2018 I was able to go hands-on with it twice. The first time was during EA Play with the Playstation 4 Fifa 19 and the second was at Nintendo's booth for the Switch take on the game. Think of this as a double header for the sports simulation. I was going to write separate previews, but this is really enough for me. To start the game is now celebrating the addition of the UEFA Champions League.

This is quite a big deal and they're putting everything behind this new addition to the series. With basically no other highlights aside from the narrative campaign. FIFA 19 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch is infused with the UEFA Champions League. This is achieved by having official match presentation; a variety of tournament experiences that includes the Europa League and Super Cup, along with this fresh commentary team of Derek Rae and Lee Dixon. This will be present in all modes of play with a heavy focus on its integration.
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This game will also mark the dramatic finale of Alex Hunter's journey as it concludes. Experience the story of the iconic football star on and off the pitch as he chases glory on the UEFA Champions League stage. At the event I first played the game on Playstation 4, and it's about the same as the last time around. I really didn't notice too much improvement overall though there are minimal tweaks. I'm used to playing Fifa 19 on Xbox One X so it did feel slightly toned down. I can't say I was blown away by it and I'm not too impressed by the inclusion of the Champions League as I'm not a huge football/soccer guy, sorry.

When it comes to the Nintendo Switch version I felt that was toned down considerably from the other iterations like with the last one. I was sadly only able to see it docked and it does look rather muddled. The players are less distinct, it's a bit rougher around the edges and the fans aren't very good in quality. It does run fine however and handle well with the Joy-Cons. I had a fun match with the assistant at that booth whereas at EA Play I just went against the AI. It was also hilarious to see the Nintendo Switch version having the PS4 Pro logo around the boards in-game, could mean this is a closer to modern versions port of the game. Fifa 19 is fine, it carries forward the game and I'm sure more features with minor technical tweaks will be announced towards launch.

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