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Fallout 76 Tyler County Fairgrounds Guide

The Fallout 76 Tyler County Fairgrounds guide which will go over the various details and highlights of this special location within the wondrous landscape of the wasteland. You can find this spot to the left top of the map, it is located to the north of Vault 76 where you start the game. You can see it highlighted on the map below, clearly visible with various markers that should assist in locating this spot. The full details on what to expect for this particular neat spot in the world can be viewed below.
Fallout 76 Tyler County Fairgrounds Guide Screenshot
Details and Highlights
This is one of the more dense areas, it may not be large but it is certainly full of cool things to see. There's also a quest here to find a lost stuffed critter, that is highlighted towards the end.

-You'll come across three "Scorched" enemies from the front, looking forward in the back you'll see a giant blue board and the Nuka Cola massive ship in the middle. That's just establishing a starting point, head left now.

-This first building has tons of pumpkins, special easter egg pumpkins and even plastic ones. There's a Tinker's Workbench, special stuffed bears and a First Aid Kit on the wall.

-Walk back out the way you came and to the first area in front of the circular car ride, head left. Bowling pins, three more Scorched and a basketball area that has a small suitcase. Beside that is a toy area filled with, toys and a small toolbox (level 0 required). Beside that is a shooting gallery with more toys and an Ammunition Vending Machine.

-There's a jar toss across that has lots of jars that can be collected and a tool box. Beside that is a lockers area that has a box and an outfit on the counter.

-Moving back left past some rides the First Aid building has a First Aid Kit on the wall and on the operating area, lots of healthy supplies here. The viewing area has items within the roof covered spot that faces the stairs.

-The next building has a wooden crate (level 0 required) and drinks.

-The spot beside the slides has a First Aid Kit on the wall and a Medical Supplies Vending Machine by the portable stalls. There are Scorched there too. The stalls have items if you open them. The Whack a Mole section doesn't really have anything, the building beside this area has one side with small items and the other has a "Recipe: Delbert's Corn Pone".

-The middle Nuka Cola bottle landmark has Nuka Cola below it and beside it is a drink pouring area where you'll find "Mr Jangles the Moon Monkey" and a Chem Box (level 0 required.)

That's all of the aspects that make up the Tyler County Fairgrounds, you can read more about the game below and view the hub for further coverage. If you spot anything else neat we missed, be sure to let us know.

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