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Fable Fortune Review

"Card Based Magic"


Fable Fortune is a card based free to play game that takes place within the Fable universe. It draws all of its elements from the series while strongly retaining the charm and humor that the games are known for. It's a game that's mostly focused on PVP modes as you build decks with various unique characters. Each of these hero characters you choose from has their own set of special cards and abilities that completely alter the experience. It's all about picking one you like and working a deck around what their strengths are.

There's a lot of room for variation in battles with this aspect and further in how moral comes into play with Fable Fortune. Dark, or Light you choose a direction with this working into in-game matches alongside the card goal system that grants extra benefits. Aside from straight up card based PVP there's also the option to play cooperatively. You work with someone else sharing your card abilities to battle a common AI enemy. I found these rather hard though it does shuffle occasionally with what you're battling. The final area is the single player where you can train or engage in Heroic Tales with the various heroes.


Fable Fortune is a Xbox Play Anywhere game allowing cross-play and cross-progression between Xbox One or Windows 10 PC. This includes any purchases or additional content, it's all shared across your account. This allows for a larger player base and honestly I'd love to see this on mobile as well since that would be great. It plays the same for the most part being well optimized for either platform, I prefer PC though console is fine. I will however mention it's a pain to open cards as you have to click each one, better on PC though there should be a quick open.

Card collection feels balanced, it's not hard to earn card packs and there are a ton of distinct options to gather. You can have creepy monsters, a powerful chicken or even some touches of magic. You can easily create a deck and use it in play. Matches are split between turns as you select cards based on a growing gold allotment for each turn. You can place units, attack or use special extra abilities to switch up gameplay. The goal is to eliminate the other hero and I found this to be a really equal sort of combat situation where the tide could turn at any time. It also looks decent visually being simple, yet getting the details done in a solid way.
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The Conclusion

I really love the Fable series and while this isn't a main entry, it's still really well put together emulating the series perfectly. It has all the charm and humor you'd expect, but in a card format that does something different in comparison to the competition. Fable Fortune works well as a free to play not pushing you to have to purchase cards while being a great addition to the Xbox Play Anywhere program. The PVP felt equal with any move possibly changing the tide of play and there being layers of strategy. The gold system made sense and balancing this with morality along with the cards works well. Fable Fortune is definitely worth checking out, it doesn't cost anything and provides a strategic card based battle environment.

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Fable Fortune Review on Xbox One X & Windows 10
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner