Echogear Model Echo-GM1FC Single Monitor Mount Dynamic Gas Spring Review

The Echogear Model Echo-GM1FC is an excellent option for holding one's monitor. This is a single monitor desk mount with dynamic gas spring adjustment. While this is focused on an application towards gaming, it's good to have this sort of item for general work as well. Monitors by design are very set in their look and in how they function. That isn't always the best however as they can be stiff and just not fit into every situation. With this model you're able to break free of that stiff scenario and dynamically position the screen.

To start, it's fairly easy to put together with minimal assembly required. The instructions are also fun with some good jokes thrown in, support information is heavily present as well if help is needed. I was missing a hex key when I went to work on mine, luckily they're fairly common so I had an extra. From there you begin setting up the mount, picking a spot on the counter/desk and tightening it. It holds well, and it's incredibly sturdy as this is one thick holder. I found the weight a tad heavy, but in general good luck ever breaking this or having any quality problems with it.

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Hardware Continued
Once setup it'll look like it does above, that was actually a photo I took prior to mounting the monitor. I just cut out the desk and everything to showcase the stand better. I thought this was the best way to present it as it's in the motion of being used so you get an idea of how it stands up. You're able to adjust many elements of this and it's very sturdy as I've mentioned. I was shocked at how easy this was to swivel and just how dynamic your adjustments can be.

The circle like design at the top allows smooth movement for angle positioning. This is followed by a stand that can be tilted or turned in so many ways. You really can adjust this however you'd like to make the screen work for you. It's easy to adjust it on the fly as well, quite fancy honestly. There are other model options as well for multiple screens if you'd like that. I personally work on a 27" 4k so I have plenty of space, but this Echogear design would be so awesome for dual screening.

The Conclusion

The Echogear Model Echo-GM1FC is one impressive mount bringing a high level of quality and performance for your monitor environment. It hides itself well and definitely improves the situation from any standard stand. It looks sleek being completely black in design and it is almost too easy to setup. There are even some fun instructions which I enjoyed and got a laugh out of. The stand is quite heavy, but that will most likely yield great results for longevity and reliability.

I felt they could have perhaps hid the wire setup a bit more, it sticks out. This being the holder for wires, it's nice to have that though I still feel there's room for improvement there. It's a great option that could potentially revolutionize your desktop layout. It sounds like a simple thing, but for many this will help you get that screen in a better position for your use. Comfort is key. Again, this is geared for gaming though I still think it could be a great option for those that want more general comfort in their workspace. If you have any problems, they also seem very dedicated to providing assistance.

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Echogear Model Echo-GM1FC Review product provided by Zebra Partners tested with a Samsung 27" 4k Monitor

Rating Overall: 8.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner