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"Universal Classics Pinball Table"

The Table

This Universal Classic Pinball collection is an absolute perfect way to kick-off Pinball FX3 bringing three distinct tables based on three of the most iconic films of all time. This includes Back to the Future, Jaws and ET which are absolute classics. I was really blown away by the quality and detail in emulating these franchises in Pinball form. Each really does capture the essence of its respective movie and as a big fan of Back to the Future I was particularly amazed here. To start, BTTF covers the entire trilogy bringing all the key elements of the series to play. The lanes were laid out and the entire table flows beautifully. It's definitely the stand out of this pack and it's just perfect.

Jaws brings us the slippery sharks as they splash at the top of the table against a charming horizon. This table felt condensed with an open area in the middle, minimal lanes and in turn quick ball movement. It's excellent though I did find it a tad simple in complexity. The ET table is the final part of this pack bringing a wacky set of lanes and an open base. There are many changes to be found here as far as the lighting goes and all the tables to have changes to an extent. The ET table was a tad easy however with points being really easy to grab during the field mini game.

Pinball FX3 Universal Classics Back to the Future Table

The Conclusion

Each of these tables perfectly captures the franchise it aims to emulate. They each have unique stories, well animated characters and provide a unique play style. The voices aren't authentic to the films though well done for the characters. The outside scenery is also solid while being authentic and together as a package this is really well done. I'm very impressed with this pack and was truly happy with the way the Back to the Future table turned out. If you're a fan of these films and I don't know who isn't, then this is a fine start to your Pinball FX3 collection. We've got to go back! to catch a shark or well perhaps just phone home!

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Pinball FX3 Universal Classics Jaws Table

Pinball FX3 Universal Classics ET Table

Pinball FX3 Review Review on Xbox One & Windows 10
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Rating Overall: 8.8

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

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