Injustice 2: Sub-Zero Review

"Stay Frosty"


Injustice 2 aims to add something a bit new and strange to the game with Sub-Zero. The character is originally from Mortal Kombat and has been thrown into the same battle as this large roster of DC characters. He actually fits in really well offering some unique combos and is one of my favorites now. While he may not be too flashy, the character design looks cool and the integration of ice attacks is smooth. Sub-Zero is of course ice focused, but with attacks is really strong at getting quick melee hits across.

You can then string these with a freeze ability to stun the other player if they run into it or summon items. This is an on the fly sort of thing where he'll pull out a mallet or a sword to hit someone ,with some ice balls also occasionally coming into the equation. The ultimate was also awesome to watch featuring some slick icicles being thrown and some teleportation across the arena. It looks great and in general the character works well within the universe.

Injustice 2: Sub-Zero Screenshot as zombie

The Conclusion

Sub-Zero is a solid addition to the roster of characters fitting in well and being one of my favorites as his attacks are so fluid. The design is decent and true to his original looks while also offering color schemes to match his close copies. I suppose I would be allowed to say copies without anyone getting too angry about the wording. Sub-Zero is a compelling addition to the roster providing fast strikes in combination with deadly freeze attacks. There's an elegant flow to it and I enjoyed seeing this different sort of fighter enter the roster.

Injustice 2 Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner