Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf Review

"Zombie Golf Ultra!"


I always love when something wild is done with Dead Rising, an example being the super arcade infinity whatever for Dead Rising 3. That DLC was awesome and we see that legacy continue here, but with Mini Golf! That's right, we've got a full mini golf mode that has been added using the town of Willamette in a number of creative ways. The mode has been built entirely in a custom way with wacky tracks, floating pieces and precision being key to becoming a master. There's a wide selection of courses to play on whether that's by yourself or with others online. It carries the competitive feeling that was brought with the core game's multiplayer and this mini game is actually a ton of fun to play.

Each course carries four holes and takes a fair bit of time to play as you attempt to hit par or under as with regular golf. There's also a driving range to practice shooting, but it could never prepare you for how wacky courses are. It's so intense that we get Frank West and his buddy zombie Bob doing commentary which is great. West cracks some jokes while also dealing with the growls of his best new friend Bob. You can smack down zombies with the ball, throw it down into tunnels or blast it off special boosts to hit it anywhere. There is a selection of clubs to use with each offering various levels of distance. When hitting the ball you use a power meter and there's some skill involved with learning how to time it just right to be effective.

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The Conclusion

Aside from just playing the game of mini golf, there's also a ton of customization! You earn Z coins while playing on the course to unlock a wide range of decorations and outfits. You can get grab different club types, new armors and even balls with this adding a sort of progression or goal system to the DLC. I really did have a ton of fun with this finding it to be a fun mix-up on the experience of Dead Rising 4 and I'd love to see more wacky content in the future. If you're looking for something more casual or even some extra Frank West as he's hilarious here then Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf is well worth your time!

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Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner