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Dead Rising 3 Operation Broken Eagle Review

"Great for Zombie Slaughter, though too short."


As many I am always excited at the thought of being able to slaughter a many thousands of zombies with various weapons. The first DLC pack to Dead Rising 3's Untold Stories of Los Perdidos puts you into the shoes of a top tier soldier Adam Kane as he attempts to secure the president. I'm really never sure why he is following these orders as from the very start things feel slightly off as military personnel are also a threat along with the zombies. I overlooked this aspect and tryed to get into the overall story that was trying to be presented, from which I really couldn't since it was over before it started almost. It tied perfectly into the main chunk of Dead Rising and explained some events though I finished in less than an hour doing a many side quests. These took the form of finding your fellow comrades or basically infecting the rooms Nick clears later and finally checking out radar posts. I did have a great time within the DLC patting my zombie kill with the array of beautiful new weapons and of course roaming around in that beautiful new brute of a vehicle that just mows down hordes of zombies. It was neat having a differing perspective of the title though I felt it might have done the series more just if it was released prior to the game as it felt like more of a setup.

Dead Rising 3 DLC Operation Broken Eagle

The Conclusion

It really isn't the best DLC in the world, though it expands your great playtime and has a rather interesting story that adds to the core game. I had a blast as it felt much more gun oriented as opposed to the main campaign though it also did stray from traditional melee usage. The story was neat, though very limited and it does provide some collectable hunting for those that enjoy it. I can't wait to see the other packs and honestly hope they extend my time within this game.

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Rating Overall: 6.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner