Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising Review

"Frank Rises, Again"


Frank West can just not seem to die with Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising taking place after the events of the main story. Like with Dead Rising 3 this story is just over an hour in length expanding the narrative. I would have preferred to see multiple side events like in three to help develop the world, but it's nice to see Frank back again and again here. It's somewhat odd to kill off your main character and then have him come back in the DLC a couple months later, but whatever. This also seems to be the end of his story or something, but you can never tell with how this story fluctuates.

In the campaign your goal is to work with one of the scientists from the main game in an attempt to cure Frank. This has the character going from full rambo zombie into someone that's slightly more efficient and bordering on hybrid. That hybrid aspect is interesting for the future of the general Dead Rising narrative and the focus here. This becomes mostly a fetch and then clear out type of story that while alright, doesn't do anything new. There's also a heavy theme of feeding which distracted from what I was doing. Some segments of it had me kill people then run to grab food as health depletes so fast with this version of West.

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The Conclusion

Zombie Frank West was fun to use and his new abilities provided some great zombie killing joy. He was however a tad weak with the feeding being an odd distraction from the primary objective. For fans of the franchise this will definitely be a necessary story to see where the series is going next though not entirely for everyone. Its a couple hours of more gameplay at most whether you're finishing off the story or going around grabbing new collectibles. I encountered a number of issues with this pack too as the melee was semi-awkward at times and some of the characters would get stuck. Frank Rising is a solid addition to the game, but basically more of the same that you've already played in the core portion of it.

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Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner