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"Bethesda Collection Tables"

The Tables

This set of tables was certainly a surprise and actually the best collection of Pinball I've seen yet. The Bethesda Collection features three distinct tables from their biggest series. This includes a table based on the latest DOOM game, a Fallout 4 style table and one from the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Each table is completely unique featuring a fantastic set of lanes to play on and customized features that emulate the titles. The DOOM table feels like it's something you might come across in the game featuring a hellish environment with a massive demon and the Doom guy. There are ancient circles to spin the ball on and many other mystic details as you roll through quests. The Fallout 4 table is damn awesome featuring many elements from the series including character creation, SPECIAL skills, vaults and the Vault Boy bobbleheads. Text is also green taken right from the latest game and there are animated characters from Fallout 4 that you should certainly know. The Skyrim table has the style of the most recent Elder Scrolls game featuring the ancient cobble feel while also bringing a dragon that burns the land. This also has RPG elements where you get to select a character for your journey and develop them by doing quests to some degree.

The Conclusion

This is the absolute best Pinball pack I've played thus far perfectly emulating the essence of the various Bethesda series in Pinball. It also goes further than I've seen any past tables take it with expanding upon the core ideas by adding RPG elements or even some smaller aspects to make it feel more like it's from that universe. The DOOM table is horrifying adding all the right parts to make it feel like it could be found on Mars. The Fallout 4 table grabs all the best parts of the wasteland and while it would have been nice to have a bit more Nuka Cola, it was great. The Skyrim table is also perfect featuring the mighty dragon, all the magic of the series and adding a personal style to it with character creation. This pack is a perfect representation of these awesome Bethesda series and is an amazing Pinball collection.

Pinball FX2 DOOM Table from Pinball Bethesda Collection

Pinball FX2 Fallout Table from Pinball Bethesda Collection

Pinball FX2 Skyrim Table from Pinball Bethesda Collection

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Rating Overall: 10

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