Layers of Fear: Inheritance Review

"Keep It in the Family"


The Layers of Fear Inheritance DLC revisits the house of the Artist after he has passed. The story opens with the daughter arriving at her dilapidated childhood home to find her inheritance left to her by her father. With its torn-out walls, rotting food, and broken furnishings left as a testament to his madness. With flashlight in hand she explores the house triggering flashbacks of her childhood memories. When she reaches her fathers study, she begins to relive her childhood as the perspective changes to that of a child. As she moves through the towering doors she recalls events with her parents.

Many times how the memory is played out will affect the ending of the game. Most of the areas are brand new to the game. This is probably to reflect the importance of rooms that the daughter has ties to that her father did not. This is evident with the family dog. While the Artist did not really care for the dog it is obvious that the Daughter was frightened by it as she is continuously tormented by it throughout the story. The puzzles are done well with the time lapse puzzles returning, along with the spiraling-type puzzles giving the feeling that she is going mad herself.

Layers of Fear: Inheritance

The Conclusion

I am enjoying the Layers of Fear stories. They are doing well portraying the madness running through this unfortunate family. Even after being removed from this house for years she is once again haunted by her earliest memories. The story should only take a few hours to complete even with exhaustive exploration. The jump scares are marvelously unpredictable once again. Multiple endings encourage repeated playthroughs also. I like how this series is portraying the first-person aspect of gameplay. The Artist had a prosthetic leg giving a limping perspective while the child’s-eye view in Inheritance gives a perspective of being dwarfed by the surroundings with out of reach areas that are only accessible by using the ingenuity of a child. I am hoping that this is not the last of the Layers of Fear story as I still have many unanswered questions about this family. Inheritance is a unique continuation of this thriller.

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Layers of Fear Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 6.5

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