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"Aliens Tables"

The Tables

It's been awhile since the last set of tables for Pinballfx2 and they're continuing with a very strong collection of three new tables. These tables all carry the Aliens franchise label to them taking a number of key properties from over the years for this iconic horror franchise. The first map is from "Aliens" which really captures the spirit of the sequel quite well even including authentic audio from the movie. The table not only looks sleek, but it has many nice sections from the film and also includes a real story mission sequence if you'd like to choose it. The second map takes from the movie Alien vs Predator which I felt was my favorite map as the table is so damn awesome. While the movie might not have been amazing this table has some really great pieces to it including a separate temple area and intense side battles between the animated characters which was neat. The final table was based on Alien Isolation that was a stealth based game that released at the start of the generation which featured Ripley's daughter. This table was also great with some nice character animations to the side though I felt it was bit too far zoomed out making it a bit harder to see everything on the table easily. Each of the tables work well together each providing a special portion of the Alien franchise from over the years.

The Conclusion

I loved the designs of these tables as they captured the Alien properties very well while also adding their own charm as PinballFX2 can only do. They've added a good set of animations with the characters and the lanes on the tables felt smooth with a good set of missions to play through if that's your sort of thing while playing Pinball. Once again they've done a great job of capturing the property with a nice set of new tables for anyone that loves the Alien franchise or those yet again looking for a new set of tables. This was a very impressive set of tables adding great value into one collection while giving a varied yet similar take on the Alien franchise being ported into pinball. I was also a huge fan of the audio inclusion in the regular Aliens table as it helped everything feel more authetnic and the action more intense. Game over man, game over!

Pinball FX2 Aliens vs Pinball Table

Pinball FX2 Aliens vs Pinball Table

Pinball FX2 Aliens vs Pinball Table

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Rating Overall: 9.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner