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Dying Light was quite a popular title last year bringing players into this parkour heaven of a city and now we have an expansion. This expansion adds a whole massive new area of land which strays from the original concept and pushes players into what's an open country side with some buildings along the path. To remedy this change of play you now have access to the dune buggy for quick driving alone or with a friend. These vehicles are lots of fun to rip up the grassfields and zombies with though you'll need to monitor as it can get damaged. There are also upgrades available to tune up your buggy and even paint jobs to spruce it up just a tad more. The story follows this possible cure or immunity to the virus that these holy figures appear to have within the area. It's your job to explore these rumors to save the people back home since supplies are running low and it builds into following this intense cult like organization which was great. I wasn't a fan of the main story being more of a do side quests things and a more linear line might have been better to make this feel more important. It still flowed well, it just felt like one of those times where you do petty things in order to continue. Aside from the main quest there are a bunch of side quests to do along your way with a number of other ventures to have while on your travels. There are also challenges that pop up if you want to race against your buddies or even compete to slay the most zombies out there.

Dying Light: The Following

The Conclusion

The Following expansion does a great job of expanding the Dying Light experience and trying to do something a bit different at the same time. Those that loved the core game will also enjoy the extra content provided by this large expansion and find the new style of gameplay a fresh challenge. The world itself was beautiful and they captured the countryside well while still having moments to use the intense parkour aspects from the core game. The buggies were great to drive around as well and I'm sure many will just sit there doing donuts in the fields as zombies splash about. It's an interesting story to follow as you track the Faceless cult-like group and learn the secrets behind their zombie immunity. Definitely suggest checking out the expansion if you liked the core game and if you're new I suggest getting the whole package as this is a stellar zombie title.

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Dying Light: The Following Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 8.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner