LEGO Dimensions Doc Brown Fun Pack Review

"Great Scott!"

LEGO Components

Doc Brown looks absolutely fantastic in Lego form with great details including the perfectly done hair style which the character is known for and a nice walkie talkie as well. The Doc also has two faces to choose from with a regular look and the shocked look which is what I went for. It's a great minifig on its own though the fun pack also comes with the Traveling Time Train. This mini set is also fairly decent being a compact, yet detailed train that captures the full look of the one featured in the movie. Both the minifig and the train were well done capturing their respective film aspects properly.


When it comes to gameplay Doc Brown really doesn't do much at all. The character looks great on the screen with some nice catch phrases from Back to the Future though he really doesn't have any abilities. I saw some points in the new level pack which took advantage of the character though not much else. This continues with the train as it also doesn't function any different than a generic vehicle. It's got some cool train sounds to it, yet that's as neat as that piece gets in the game.

LEGO Dimensions Doc Brown Pack

The Conclusion

At this point I have a fairly large roster of Lego Dimensions characters so I have a good base to judge these and Doc Brown is just really unnecessary. I appreciate the design of the minifigure and the train vehicle though that would be the only reason to pick up this fun pack. The gameplay for both items was really poorly done and I was hoping that either of the pieces might actually do something in the game, but they just don't. Personally I'm alright with this pack since I don't have the Doc in my Minifigure collection though for those looking at a good character for their roster this isn't that fun pack.

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Rating Overall: 4.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner