LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Level Pack Review

"Ghostbustin' Make Me Feel Good"

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The latest level pack brings Ghostbusters to the magical Lego Dimensions with the set including Peter Venkman, Ecto-1 and the Ghost Trap. When looking at these sets I understand some people buy them just for the minifigures and in this case the set didn't feature the strongest of Lego sets. The character of Peter Venkman looks great and captures the image of the Ghostbuster perfectly for those that don't happen to have the character yet. Personally I already have the whole Ghostbusters crew with the Ecto-1 so for me I was really interested about the level aspect of the game that you can find below. The Ecto-1 is also included within the pack though it's really just half the vehicle which was disappointing. It's indeed just the front version of the vehicle and I just don't quite get why they couldn't miniaturize the entire thing as it seems lazy. The final piece is the ghost trapper which is just a fancy trapper pack and isn't anything special.


Even more important considering the Lego pieces included is the gameplay aspects and the level itself. The Ghostbusters level pack take place during the events of the first movie capturing key portions of the film and transferring it into the game. There are of course the funny charm moments that Lego games have thrown into the mix, but it's still exactly authentic to the classic movie. It was also one of the longer levels I've played in a Lego game and it was a solid experience. I did feel that it didn't really do too much to make itself stand out from the movie and add enough of its own like the Portal Level Pack did. Despite that the level was still highly entertaining and emulates the movie quite well, furthermore you get an awesome battle with the most amazing of puffed marshmallows. Venkman was a great addition to my roster as well being able to melt gold bricks, use a sick tornado attack and generally shooty a beam against ghosts. The Ecto-1 drives around quite well though it's just a standard vehicle with style and the ghost trapper is really just for trapping ghosts.

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Level Pack

The Conclusion

This is a great level pack for fans of Ghostbusters or those looking for a nice and long additional Lego Dimensions extension. The game takes elements from the film and keeps the same charm while adding some small portions of its own. I didn't particularly care about certain driving portions of the level though it did perfectly capture the whole capturing the ghosts system and even trapping them. It follows the movie well and I'm sure many will appreciate this level pack. The minifigures are not exactly new or amazing, but they're decent enough. The level may also feel too familiar for fans of the movie, but I'm sure they will appreciate that aspect.

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Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner