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"Star Wars: The Force Awakens Tables"

The Tables

There's been an awakening, have you felt it? The Force Awakens is currently the biggest thing right now and every piece of property that touches around the movie really does seem to benefit from its magic. This pack includes two tables which display vastly differing sides of the force and images to show off both tables fully can be found below. The first table takes place on Jakku which is definitely a well known setting at this point. It features a more open bottom portion of the table and some long rails that rope around the top. The ball rolled around the table smoothly and the table looks glorious. Not only is it filled with smaller details the outside of the map is also great with crashed AT-ATs, Star Destroyers and the authentic junk collection area from the movie. The second map is based around The First Order with the table taking place within a hangar from one of their Star Destroyers. This table is even more intense and is filled with so many small details like characters moving around constantly or great sounds from clashing the ball against areas. I did however have a small problem where my eyes would get mixed up since it has a secondary play area below that also has its own set of paddles. The scene also changes around through progression on the table and the background will change depending on the planet they orbit to. Both of the maps feature many more events to tackle for the more intense pool players and the sounds are also great. The music is definitely in the style of Star Wars and everything feels ever so authentic to the movie.

The Conclusion

The pack features two exceptional tables that both have great variety to them bringing out two factions yet still keeping the roster of characters from both the light and dark together. There was some great care put into these tables as usual and they both really capture The Force Awakens really well. They both have their own charm and bring alive two key locations from the film which I'm sure those that have watched it will appreciate. Characters were also well done as you see many of them from the movie pop up to do various battles in the world. Whether you're a Star Wars fan or just looking for another set of awesome tables to add to your collection these both fit the bill quite well.

Pinball FX2 Star Wars The Force Awakens Jakku Table

Pinball FX2 Star Wars The Force Awakens The First Order Table

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Rating Overall: 9.5

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