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This is the first in a new set of reviews as we look at every aspect of LEGO Dimensions from launch until whenever they decide to stop this money making machine. The first view is looking at a level pack which presents three LEGO items and an extra level for the game. This is the Portal level, welcome for the first time to LEGO Aperture Science. Within this package we're presented with the main character from Portal called Chell with her signature Portal Gun which is a dream in LEGO. They've made it out of their new plastic style mold and it's unlike any other piece I've seen before, they nailed it. Next we have the always lovely companion cube which is, well a heart icon cube. The final piece within this set is the turrets which are usually sad machines in the game, though here the turret is your best friend. This thing is essentially a vehicle which fires strong bullets and can be upgraded for great damage. I have to say I was definitely impressed with these LEGO characters and they're a nice addition to my Dimensions team along with my regular LEGO collection.


With these characters you also get a Portal level which actually seems to extend or branch off from the end of Portal with familiar faces and a location we all love. This of course includes some testing rooms which were well designed, yet simple enough that you won't get completely stuck on them. They each had the signature Portal feel to them and it felt right at home with the franchise. The level was a fair length and took me just over forty minutes to complete without including the odd stop gameplay for construction sections at the start of these packages. There was even a great ending boss battle to smooth things over and after completion you head over to the Portal hub where there are more things to collect or complete for extra gameplay action.

LEGO Dimensions Portal Level Pack

The Conclusion

This is exactly the sort of level add-ons I want to see with a game like this. It respects the material for both games perfectly and extends the game through a different medium. It was also neat to see Chell in some cutscenes and there was a fair bit of emotion through the way her character carried which was nice. Everything felt authentic throughout the various chambers and they really took care into this package. If you do need some more gameplay for LEGO Dimensions or are looking for an extra level, then this is absolutely perfect to add into your collection.

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LEGO Dimensions Review on Xbox One

Rating Overall: 9.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner