Pinball FX2 Table Review

"Portal 2 Table"

The Table

Now it's time to think with Portals as the ever popular franchise from Valve has hit PinballFX2. This is a great grouping and the table itself is absolutely wonderful. Styled in the likes of the actual puzzle rooms you can watch as Chell portals across the table on the sides as you bounce the ball around the area. The tablet itself feels very authentic to the Portal series and the colors all light up magically while keeping to the theme of portals on both ends of the gun. I also really liked the lanes of play with the ball moving about and Glados chilling in the back, though I do wish she was making more mocking tunes which are infamous from the games. It's also quite strange that for it being labelled Portal 2 that Wheatley isn't a large presence. The table also has a number of objectives available for you to accomplish while racking up points which are themed from the Portal universe. These range from gel chamber like challenges to going through the turret factory and dealing with pivotal cubes. Other than the theme is solid and fans of Portal will love this table as well as those Pinball usuals.

The Conclusion

This has quickly become one of my absolutely favorite tables for Pinballfx2 and I'm sure those that give it a spin will definitely feel the same. It carries the mood of Portal well while also providing a solid table to play Pinball with. We also get some great background play from the characters which don't distract from the game at play, but gives the mind something else to be entertained with. I love what they did with this one and it would be great to see more Valve themed tables in the future! Finally, never forget that the cake is a lie.

Pinball FX2 Portal 2 Table

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Pinball FX2 Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner