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Call of Duty Black Ops First Strike Review

"Strike First"


The First Strike Pack is the first pack for Call of Duty Black Ops and has four multiplayer maps, Berlin Wall, Discovery, Kowloon and Stadium. Along with one new Zombie map called Ascension. The online maps vary in scenery, but feel a lot like they were themed exactly like campaign maps. Berlin Wall is a neat map clearly divided in two with an industrial side and a more shop clumped side. An interesting map although I found the no man’s land to be an unnecessary addition. Discovery was mostly taken from campaign, but had some extra iced areas to move through. Kowloon is a map placed high in the sky on top of rooftops so high that for some reason there is no ground below. It has ziplines which will move you quickly from one spot to another. Stadium is the most interesting of the collection, although very disappointingly you cannot go onto the rink, the map still has a great feel and flow to it.

Ascension Zombie Map

Now to the Zombie map Ascension, which is what I’d say the best part of pack. The setting is a Soviet launch pad. Continuing the story of the original Zombie cast, you will face new zombies, Space Monkeys and a large battlefield. Some new weapons have been thrown into the mix such as a doll that explodes into smaller grenades and something that creates a black hole that sucks in zombies. You will find more easter eggs to discover and have to venture through the massive new area. Fly across the map on Lunar Landers or try out the two new perks. Although it is fun, I found the beginning black and wide somewhat annoying, but many games of zombies will be had here.

The Conclusion

The map pack is basically just an additional set of maps, although some stand out in design and is neat to look at the others feel old and already played on. Ascension is the main lead in this pack. It carries the same addicting formula of zombies, but continues to add without taking steps back.

Call of Duty Black Ops Box Art

Call of Duty: Black Ops for Xbox 360

Rating Overall: 7.1

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner