Pinball FX2 Table Review

"CastleStorm and Wild West Rampage Table"

The Tables

It's always nice to see some new Tables show up from Pinball FX2 and these are the first original IP/in-house tables created in quite some time. Featuring CastleStorm and the Wild West Rampage tables this pack brings some really great tables to the selection. The first which is CastleStorm is based off their other game where you go about unleashing troops and braving the various creatures that pop up. There's some great lanes in this one and the entire flow is well done on the table. I really enjoyed playing on this one and got some great combo streaks going while also sending out troops in the top right corner noted below. The second table is Wild West Rampage which I actually think I may have even enjoyed more than CastleStorm which I liked as well. Taking place in the Wild West there some great classic features like a saloon, steam train and finally a cool feature where an explosion can fly through the glass window. The lanes are also great in this one with smooth transitions from the various actions and a ton going on all around the table. Further it was neat that this table had a female protagonist in the west with some neat phrases while you're flipping the paddles.

The Conclusion

These were some great tables and while not being labelled as a brand they're solid tables that definitely fit well in you collection. They may even be some of the best I've played out of the DLC so far as there was definite extra care to make sure that these tables shined well. There's tons of side objectives and things to do while gaining even higher points within the Iron and Steel pack.

Pinball FX2 CastleStorm Table

Pinball FX2 Wild West Rampage Table

Pinball FX2 Box Art

Pinball FX2 Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 9.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner