Titanfall IMC Rising Review

"IMC Rise"


Here we are already at the final map pack in the Titanfall season of DLC bringing us a set of three new maps. This pack, while bringing in a number of alright new maps wasn't anywhere near the same great quality of the previous two packs. The first of these new maps is Backwater which takes place in a swamp type small town complex area with some weird multiple variations in height from which the battles take place. I didn't particularly care for the layout of this one, though there were some neat quick parkour areas to use in order to move across the center piece of the map. The second map is Sand Trap, a large desert type arena with quick lanes underground from one base to another. For objective play this level was extremely well designed though for other deathmatch games it wasn't that interesting. Even with the great middle lane design the map itself was boring and very bland. The final map was Zone 18 which was an interesting series of complex buildings that formed a neat future military based. The insides and outsides of the map featured differing focuses whether that be on the Titans outdoors or pilot combat indoors. While not being an amazing map it was better than the others and was also too bland for my liking.

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The Conclusion

You're far better off getting the other two maps if you choose any additional ones for Titanfall. These aren't terrible, but just rather basic additional maps to play some more Titanfall with. Was hoping that the season DLC would end on more of a high not, especially with how great the last pack in particular was. So here are the final three maps in all their medicore glory to extend the awesome Titanfall experience!

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Titanfall Review on Xbox One

Rating Overall: 5.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner