Pinball FX2 Table Review

"The Walking Dead Season One"

The Table

With the fast coming finale to The Walking Dead Game Season 2 and the recent release of Pinball FX2 on next generation consoles this table only makes absolute sense. I'll go further on that and say that this table is fantastic, featuring new voice content from the award winning cast. The table itself is detailed to the style of the first season featuring many iconic locations from the various episodes. The table even retains the art style from the game and brings in many differing choices for you to choose between. Make your choices on the table while trying your best to survive, it even features a zombie on the table for you to hit! For missions on this table they're broken down into the five episodes and that's where the choices will come into play as you attempt to make your way through the various objectives. Of course your choices can be seen played out on the table as full models of Lee and Clementine are both walking around at the edge of the map. It's all these small things that make it special to those that loved the game from them kicking a soccer ball about to going out to a full sniping pinball styled mini game on the side. Just adds to the experience of making the table much more unique aside from its already beautiful aesthetics. Going onto the design we have a fairly straight forward table with combo lanes and additional side areas for more points. To access missions you must hit the cage zombie a few times to get behind him and there can be changes in lighting that happen at times as well. For fans of the series this is a great purchase, though even other Pinball players will appreciate the table design. Ties in great with the end of The Walking Dead Game Season 2 that I'm really looking forward to, also hope that it gets a table someday as well.

The Conclusion

Season One of the Walking Dead game is brought alive in this beautiful table that rightfully captures the iconic events you had experienced. There are some great side mini games and quests to do. Morality and that sense of pinballing through the various episodes is captured as well for a solid focus on the series. It's a perfect table for fans of the series and those that enjoy pinball in general.

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Pinball FX2 The Walking Dead

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Pinball FX2 Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner