Titanfall Frontier's Edge Review

"I'm loving the Edge of the Frontier"


After the release of the first DLC pack for Titanfall which was really decent I was only hungry for the other additional maps. With Frontier's Edge we are given yet another three maps which are just damn awesome. This set is much larger in scale and full of the same combat that we've grown to enjoy in Titanfall. The focus this time around is definitely edged towards more titan combat and I love it. The first of these maps is Haven, a beautiful resort with a glorious beach and shopping district. This map feels the most open of the pack and has great lanes for titans to run about in along with massive buildings for you to scale that are filled with high class areas and a club! The second map in this pack is Dig Site which is also a large map though this one is in a mass scale digging area. Filled with cranes destroying rocks and what looks like refinery type buildings all around this map is not only great to parkour through, but has a nice shine to it. The final map introduced in this pack is Export which is the smallest of all these maps and the most close quarters. With only minor lanes for titans to run about in the bulk of combat is done in buildings and their rooftops. There's also this weird electric trap in one building which was just useless to be honest. The maps are great and of course work perfectly for all the game modes as seems to be the motto with all Titanfall maps. This set of maps is an amazing addition to the overall game and just great to run through. Aside from maps we were also given a new Black Market system for selling burn cards and of course buying new ones which I thought should be mentioned as it was brought in with this DLC pack.

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The Conclusion

Frontier's Edge is an amazing set of maps to keep the Titanfall experience going. If you enjoy the game this pack is the most worthwhile purchase at the moment with three great additional maps. We also got some great new features and this online game only keeps growing with time. I suggest checking this out as it really does add a lot to the game and the more maps the better. One final note is that some achievements for the game seem to be glitched though I won't take that as a negative assuming it's just a minor issue that they will be fixing.

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Titanfall Review on Xbox One

Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner