Call of Duty Ghosts: Invasion Review

"Unique and Creative Maps"


I've been really disappointed with the last two DLC packs for Ghosts that have come out thus far and it has made me question the value of the season pass a lot. This pack is thankfully far superior to both of the last two adding some unique maps that aren't too far out there with gimmicks and add to the multiplayer rotation well. Will also make note that this is the first pack to not have featured some sort of hybrid bonus weapon, just so everyone knows. So with that let's jump into discussion of the first map which is Pharaoh. This map stands out as the absolute best of the pack featuring a greatly designed fluent map that actually is really awesome to look around at. Featuring a number of ancient ruins encased in sand from this Egyptian map, there are also some interesting side items to use for advantage. From an Easter Egg that presents a streak without going away from the action and a hilarious giant tablet that can be knocked down to squish enemies (I got a double with it today!). The second map is Departed where a Day of the Dead celebration is going on and then for some reason futuristic warfare bursts out. I do wish there was more festivity to the place, but it provides an accurate area with some interesting differing levels of combat. It's got a great look, the lanes run well and it's a really enjoyable map. The third map in this pack is Mutiny with is an old pirate ship bay that has a ship, tavern and some interesting buildings to go through. This one also stands out as being unique, out of time and having great map flow. Will even note that the skeletons in the tavern that have been laid out in hilarious positions is a great laugh as you pass. With these three unique maps we are also given a very faithful remake of Favela where there really is no changes and it feels like I've gone back a bunch of years. Would have been nice for them to change something up to give it a little bit of a differing feel, but none. For bonus killstreaks Mutiny has ghost pirates and Departed has a weird skull guy you can become that's neat I suppose. These maps are all really good and everyone will love them in the regular circulation, the next part of the DLC which is a new Extinction Episode can be found below.

Call of Duty Ghosts: Invasion

Extinction (Episode 3: Awakening)

The third episode for Extinction provides us with a crazy and psychedelic world from which we can moon jump around. You can seriously jump in such a style that it feels like Moon from Black Ops. Little has been changed this time around and there's quite a difficulty spike for the first portion with a vast number of Rhinos (big alien creature things) for your squad to destroy which was rough. The whole world is different and I'm mixed on this one despite actually enjoying it more than the previous ones. It feels like an episode I could play for a bit instead of just feeling done with it. There are plan to collect, obelisks to scan and doorways to open. Other than that Awakening feels extremely like the other ones, but with a colorful world to jump around in.

Call of Duty Ghosts: Invasion

The Conclusion

If you really get any of the packs thus far, this one is the best. These maps will be the most classic in the future and from what I have played help improve on the awful spawning situation in Ghosts. Extinction is more of the same, yet this area is much more fascinating. There was far too many larger aliens and it was overwhelming at times, but that's my main complaint on it. All the multiplayer maps are unique and bring something different, but Favela is just a boring reskin with too much nostalgia. Pharaoh is a favorite and the one I absolutely enjoy the most out of all of them. It's a great DLC pack for Ghosts that will add awesome maps to the rotation, am interested to see how they will finish the season off. Nemesis here we come.

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Call of Duty Ghosts: Invasion Review on Xbox One

Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner