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Titanfall Expedition Review

"Back to the Frontier"


So here we are after the hyped and mighty Titanfall has released with a fresh set of maps being released as they usually do. Here were are presented with three unique and beautiful maps that add to the multiplayer that I am still loving to this point. Now what's weird is that even with these I feel slightly empty after them throughout the day. I think it may be some sort of DLC fatigue or something, but I just felt like there should have been something more included instead of just three new maps for us to play. Anyways these three maps have a nice variety of worlds and setting to them with a different focus on each. The first is Swampland which is a very large and really interesting map. It's set as a swampy ruins on one end and a more pristine military facility on the other. There are also a number of massive trees which are sick to traverse through in the air, also more dragon creatures! Next up is Runoff a future water plant of well facility. It is split between two areas of middle and lower ground which is actually really well situated for Titan battles. A great combination of elevations for differing combat situations. The final map is War Games which is a hybrid combination or previous maps into a simulated space. This map is a parkour heaven, a great tech mix and the backdrop is outstanding. Really well designed and very fluid gameplay in a great looking space. So there are the descriptions and thoughts on these particular maps as they really do bring a great amount of new variety. As far as objective play and the various game modes are involved each of them performs well on it and it really is business as usual in all of them.

The Conclusion

Expedition brings us three really unique and great maps, yet I still don't feel as satisfied as I should. I just expect extra these days for DLC than just map additions, though these will be fully welcomed to any Titanfall players collection. I also question why there wasn't any additional achievements or other small tweaks so we had more to aim towards. I'm really split between my favorite as Swampland and War Games are both really great. So get ready for more of the intensity and Titan falling from which you are used to. This pack was solid and I look forward to the other future remaining DLC packs and what they have to offer.

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Review Done on Titanfall for Xbox One

Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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