Call of Duty Ghosts: Devastation Review

"Uneven and a Kraken"


The second addition to the Call of Duty Ghosts season pass has finally arrived bringing four maps, with three that are new and one returning favorite. Additionally there is also a new weapon which has been out for about a month for pass owners called the Ripper. The gun is a hybrid mix of a SMG and an Assault Rifle that has an adjustable scope that allows for switching between the two modes. It's a fairly neat weapon and definitely has its uses as you can switch between the scopes easily on the fly for whatever your needs are. It will definitely fit well into whatever situation you need while being nice and balanced with the rest of the weapons. Onto maps, first off let me state that these maps are the most weird set of maps I've ever seen in the series and focus around really weird design shapes. Behemoth takes place on a giant excavation drill crane ripped from the Black Ops series and is a long stretched out area that features many differing levels of conflict. It is really weird to see a map designed in this fashion as it does really push conflict in a straight path instead of creating an room for flanking. I really didn't enjoy the map very much at all as it removes many game types from even working properly on it. Ruins which takes place in a jungle area of old that worships the Predator which I now guess exists in the Ghosts universe. I mean Michael Myers is in it so whatever, I'm only guessing that Alien will be the next one? This one is definitely my favorite of the pack creating many lanes to move around and actually gives unlimited options for alternate paths in order to take down your opponent. It works very well in all the objective modes and has a beautiful scenery style to it; and well, Predator! Collision which has to be the smallest most clustered map I've ever played in Call of Duty. I for one liked Shipment in the days of old and this map is just awful, with random spawns in the open to straight up awkward lines of the site. It's tragic how weird this map is and how bad it plays, you can barely move for a second without something slaughtering you or basically spawning right behind someone. There are some minor hide areas to move around the map, but you will most likely right away run into an enemy. Unearthed which is the last map and a faithful remake of the Dome map from MW3. I don't know if our characters got smaller or the map just got wider, but it feels a lot more open of a map and that is well welcomed. It's got a great style to it that fits well into the whole extinction world they're creating. The level is downplayed with somewhat neat, but absolutely stupid additions such as alien strike package rewards or the Venom X that's waiting to destroy anyone not fast enough to grab it. The maps this time around were really hit or miss, but it felt like a more lazy effort to create some different looking maps. Along with the four multiplayer maps is an additional Extinction episode which is discussed below.

Call of Duty Ghosts: Devastation

Extinction (Episode 2: Mayday)

The next episode of extinction lets us fight on a narrow boat as we continue destroying random hives as we look for an informant. Oh, and there's also a massive Kraken alien creature that is chilling around in the calm waters around the area so you have to deal with that at some point as well. The next episode basically just brings what we've already seen with more lockers, intel and aliens. Though in addition they added some more extra doors to cut up and buildables that are akin to what Treyarch brought us in zombies last time which are kinda neat I guess. It really felt like this whole thing was just more of the same extinction as they try to push an extra cooperative story on us. For those that love it I'm sure this will be just as fun, for others just more of the same. I'm going to be happily done with it once I get what I feel is enough finished to not touch it again as this extinction mode really isn't doing it for me.

Call of Duty Ghosts: Devastation

The Conclusion

It really wasn't the best dlc addition pack for Call of Duty and definitely ranks around the worst for me. There's one good map to add into the collection with a cool Predator that goes all stealth than nukes everyone. So that's something, the rest of the multiplayer is just somewhat poorly designed and depressing really. The Extinction is more of the same and I feel as though this shakes my confidence in the rest of the Season Pass, but I'm locked in for the rest of the ride!

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Call of Duty Ghosts: Devastation Review on Xbox One

Rating Overall: 5.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner