Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent Review

"A True Last Agent"


The fourth and final episode within the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos DLC has been released and actually finished quite quickly since it has only been a couple of months since the main portion of the game has been out. The quick and very random releases of these episodes have been giving me a nice surprise on the odd occasion as they just will pop up as opposed to having advertisement tied in. This final pack is probably the peak piece of entire season pass putting you into the seat of a ZDC agent that has been given a second chance through zombrex with administration by Nick from the main Dead Rising story. This leads to a path of discovery as his exploration takes him all across the city from side to side constantly which becomes slightly annoying as you are playing, but gives a variety of locale for this story to progress. There is a number of smaller happenings that lead to an overall realization of what has been going on with the tracking chips and the military's role in the situation. The story within this episode was far stronger and better to connect with than any of the previous entries with the most likable lead yet. It's always interesting when a story lets you see the other perspective of the situation as the ZDC group is usually labelled as one of the many enemies over seeing each zombie outbreak and it's nice to know there are other good folks out there on the other sides. In addition to sporting the longest completion time this episode also comes packed with tons of new special weapons that are beyond crazy and really awesome to use. From Rail Guns to some incinerator weapon that just roasts massive hordes or even the awesome gun that just seems to act like a bee going off and exploding the minds of a large pack. In true Dead Rising style it manages to fit in every aspect from a follower mission to free play and even another dreaded vehicle protection sequence. Though through all of this it was still awesome as it does the best job of actually finishing the and adding to the main story by explaining what happens after. There are many familiar faces throughout the episode and lets us know the fate of many individuals that were met during the main campaign and the other episodes in the season pass.

Dead Rising 3 DLC The Last Agent

The Conclusion

This was easily the best and most worthwhile of the all the episodes in the season pass. It gives us a new look into the fates of many characters while mixing very well with the overall story. The Last Agent is a truly great finish to Dead Rising 3 that brings us a character that we can connect well with and a longer story than we have seen previously. There are tons of new weapons for you to use and extra experience for you to gain towards main progression and the extra fire power is a lot of fun. I would doubt there would be another season of dlc since this was all tied so nicely together, though this episode was a great finish.

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Rating Overall: 7.6

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