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The Atom is definitely a character that I've never heard of and one that fits an interesting spot within the roster. The character has the power to manipulate particles to a degree and this is shown by his ability to adjust sizes. It plays well into a unique style that really does stand aside from everyone else that's available thus far. While battling he uses quick but single focused hits that can be followed by dropping chemicals or a weapon blast.

His true form comes through by shrinking to a small size when aiming to move around or by unleashing his more powerful ability moving through the air as a tiny dot hitting his opponent. It's a different sort of thing to have within a fighting title as some characters fly, others have mystic abilities yet The Atom is all about using perspective to win. The design of the characters is rather boring, but he's got a fairly awesome intro. I did feel he's basically just Ant-Man so you can think of that character and get an idea of what this one is all about.
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The Conclusion

The Atom is a fun change up for the roster, the adjustment of one's size to dodge or throw strikes is an interesting mechanic. It's something I certainly haven't seen before and while his strikes are few the possibilities for combinations with him are rather intriguing. It was the mix up I was looking for and not at all expecting since I imagine they were limited by combative styles. The look of The Atom isn't anything special coming across as rather plain quite honestly. Still, he's really fun to use with a fight style that will most definitely feel different in comparison to everyone else. He fits in well with the roster and while it may seem too similar to Ant-Man while also being an odd addition to the roster here it's something that should provide extra variation.

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Rating Overall: 7.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner