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Deep Rock Galactic Minerals Guide

The core of Deep Rock Galactic is the collection of minerals. You grab these special ores to finish your objective, gather money and get enough in-game resources to assist survival. These are typically mined with your pick axe, unless you have a robotic companion or some fancier tools to help. Here is a guide for all of the essential minerals found within the various biomes within the game. Keep in mind that with updates they're likely to add more and we'll do our best to add those additional entries. For now, here are all the key resources you should be searching for while playing with a brief description of what they each do below. Remember that it's easy to track when you're gathering each of the minerals when they crumble down and that you need to add them into your big robotic follower for them to count.

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Deep Rock Galactic Morkite
-This is always what you seem to be after in the game. It's the best mineral and appears as this shiny black and almost glittery blue type of rock. It's often on the side of walls while appearing at various heights. You could find it on regular walls walking by or on the side of cliffs. We've yet to see this appear on floors or ceilings.

Deep Rock Galactic Red Sugar
Red Sugar
-Somewhat less important, yet still essential for your health. The mining of these vibrant red chunks of crystal will restore bits of your health, it can't be collected for later use. These are often pillars coming from the ground and occasionally from the ceiling.

Deep Rock Galactic Nitra
-Nitra is another red in color type of mineral, it's important during games since you can use it as an in-game currency. This will allow you to grab a supply drop for more ammo, very helpful and worth stocking. Nitra seems a tad more random, it's apparent yet everywhere.

Deep Rock Galactic Gold
-I can't imagine any dwarf based property wouldn't have gold, collect this for spending and riches. It's gold in color and fairly rare throughout. You can find this usually in some skinnier spots and not always out in the open.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner