Darksiders 3 Hollows The Catacombs Guide

This is a very focused guide on a specific area in Darksiders 3. This is for the "Hollows" area within "The Catacombs" section. I personally had some troubles with what the game wanted, but here's how to progress. Basically you'll get a point where you need to get through a large door, but a sword is missing. It's actually easy to find this to progress, you need to get a sword which is found right beside your creepy demon pop-up friend/fast-travel point. To get to this area you need to pass the large open lava area. This entire section is found after getting the two pieces of the bridge up by the way.

Instead of going across where you see gusts of wind you'll enter a room to the left of the large open area. You move underneath a tunnel in the wall, battle some enemies or just drop into a lava hole in the floor. The demon guy will be to your left here, in that room is also a large sword sitting there on the ground to the right hand side. Pick it up, take it to the door where the one statue is lacking something it needs to hold and place it. Swat both of the of sword statues and the door will open. Be sure to read our Darksiders 3 review below or check out the franchise hub for additional coverage of the series.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner