Darksiders 3 Enhancements, What Are They?

Darksiders 3 enhancement, what are they? These are something you gain later on in the game, they're an extra rune of sorts that can be added to your weapons. You would go into your inventory, pick a weapon and then select equip enhancement which is "Y" on Xbox One. You of course use your platform specific button prompt to do so if you're not playing it on Xbox. These grant weapon bonuses and can be improved upon by visiting the Blacksmith within the "Maker's Forge" area.

It's the area where you send the humans and the first giant tree you visit. Really hard to miss that spot honestly, travel there by walking or using the Demon guide fast travel. There's both an Angelic and Demonic path of upgrading for the enhancements, you'll need various items for either side in order to progress the levels further. It's fairly easy to understand, these are just boosts for your weapons to make you slightly more powerful or to add an altered ability to them. You can read out review of Darksiders 3 below or check out the franchise hub for additional coverage of the series.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner