Conan Exiles Playstation 4 Review

"A Visceral Oasis"


Conan Exiles has become a large release after being in development on various platforms. Luckily on Playstation 4 the game is at a state of full release giving a well optimized release. This is an open world survival game with a direct focus on multiplayer elements. You can play the game in local single player or even private coop if you'd like, yet the online multiplayer is where shines the most. I'll mention that both PVP and PVE options are present for the online. In Conan Exiles you start out with nothing, just this lost soul stuck within the empty land of a scorching desert. From there you're sent out into the world with some loose guides and freedom to do anything you'd like.

A quick mention in that prior to starting there's a character creator with great levels of depth to it. There are even levels of nudity, breasts in North America if chosen and full nudity in some regions for Europe. Don't get too attached to your character however as death is a heavy theme in this ever so rough world. It's a vast area spanning multiple environments and is filled with challenges. There's not really any narrative here, but there's a focus on exploration. You can face off against massive bosses, work with others or against them and take in everything the game aims to offer.


This is largely a third person adventure, you can adjust that if you'd like. This is a survival game so you'll need to manage essentials such as food, water and shelter. The environmental elements can cause damage too such as extreme heat, blistering sand storms or other conditions as you travel into other areas. It's all fairly streamlined in regards to what you're doing as you collect the resources required to craft. There's a lot of complexity in the advanced systems such as getting "workers", building greater structures and getting to higher levels of craftsmanship.

Conan Exiles is also very much an RPG experience where you level up, distribute skill points in multiple sections and work through tech trees for better tech. You can pair up with others to form clans or be entirely hostile towards them. Other players will attack you, as will various tribal NPCs that ramble around or live in camps. When it comes to visuals there's a fair draw distance though I did notice some disappointing world rendering in terms of the foliage. There's also a very weird blur at times around the character as if they're being dragged along. It's not terrible, but that aspect is very distracting compared to other versions.
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The Conclusion

The Conan Exiles Playstation 4 version is a good way to experience this open world survival game. It definitely delivers on the visceral combat you'd expect from this source material. Everything runs decently well with fine draw distances, good loading and challenging online situations. There's a good balance online with antagonizing people and those that want to work with each other to get tasks completed. The game is certainly packed with content the further you explore whether you want to take on monsters or build bases. You can choose to craft many objects, gather various resources and of course unlock higher tiers of construction options. The performance is fine and it handled well on the platform. The heart of this is with the online multiplayer, but I'll mention it once more that a local game option is present along with a private cooperative one.

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Conan Exiles Review on Playstation 4
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Rating Overall: 8.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner