Code Vein E3 2018 Preview

Code Vein was one of the games I was able to view while at Bandai Namco's behind closed doors area at E3 2018. I wasn't able to get hands-on sadly as players in front of me were taking an extended time with it. That aside, I watched quite a bit of the game and was able to get an in-depth rundown by the on-hand assistants and a developer that happened to walk by. It's an interesting release that the publisher hopes will really tap into that Dark Souls market.

It's certainly inspired by that game in terms of conflict, difficulty and the layout of environments. It wants to be tough while being a completely different sort of experience. There's a really lovely and distinct art style that works well into the type of genre or well world this is. In Code Vein vampire type creatures have taken over and you're part of the group of survivors sent out to scavenge supplies for your camp. Things don't really go well and now you use blood on the daily to keep on kicking.
Code Vein Screenshot
Blood is everything in Code Vein, you're attempting to use it to level and survive. During the demo players would move around what seemed like largely linear environments of a destroyed landscape fighting creatures. There weren't a pile of enemies with them being spaced out, but you could clearly see they were being given a good fight. I saw one individual attempt the demo many times, wish they would have given up so I could play, but whatever. It has that spirit of hardship while being something new.

There's also a large scale boss fight they went into when the developer jumped them ahead. This creature was massive and possibly terrifying to the player. It certainly looks like an interesting release and hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on it when it does eventually come out. I liked the style of it not only in terms of art, but the type of story they're trying to setup as it has potential. Vampires are always cool, except in some movie/literary formats... If you like Dark Souls, this one should be on your radar.

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