Bridge Constructor Portal Review

"Bridges Across Dimensions"


It's time to head back to the lovely Aperture Science testing facilities and do something new with them. It may not be the game Portal fans were exactly expecting, but it's neat all the same. With a merginging of bridge simulation within a science facility and throwing portals into the mix, there's some wild times to be had. In each of the sixty levels you're attempting to get carts towards an exit and then a convoy if you want bonus points.

The convoys don't have to be used to progress, but offer an extra level of challenge if you'd like them. This is essentially multiple carts instead of a single entity. There's a lot of gameplay to be had depending on how well you're able to solve the puzzle problems. The extra layer of adding in aspects from the other series such as portals add a fresh dynamic. I wish there was some sort of extra content, since it's over once you finish the batch of levels.


Bridge Constructor Portal looks really good and captures that Portal aesthetic well. You feel like you're in the testing facility and it handles well. The controls are solid, it's inuitive to use and it properly makes use of the screen. You can use a wide range of parts to make your bridges or ramps and then add the extra layer of gameplay from Portal to it. There are items such as special charming cubes, turrets and doors that must be unlocked. It feels like classic old testing, but in a new situation. The two games actually work together very well, it was surprisingly fun. I also can't forget to mention the great audio from Glados over it all, she's always fun.
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The Conclusion

Bridge Constructor Portal brings the two series together well and does so in a fun, yet challenging way. The puzzles are engaging, you'll need to think about balancing construction with the wild physics. There are portals and all sorts of weird things to take into consideration while still being under a cost budget. Will you get a single cart over or be able to handle a convoy, it comes down to finding the best way to handle your particular challenge. Every level is different and there's a lot of gameplay here, again there may be more based on skill level.

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Bridge Constructor Portal Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner