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Bravo Team Install Size

The install size for Bravo Team has been revealed coming in at an alright size at launch releasing on March 6, 2018 taking up a total of 9.68 GB on the Playstation Store. Bravo Team is a Playstation VR game that requires the camera to play that's better when used with either motion or aim controller inputs though not required. This is a single player experience with a multiplayer option online. The game's story takes place in a fictional modern day Eastern European city when during a routine escort mission goes wrong, the President is assassinated.

You're then stuck in the middle of a battlefield as everything starts to fall apart around your squad. Teamwork is a big part of the experience as you either work by yourself throughout the campaign or with another online in two player coop. In the game you'll make choices on how to tackle situations and get tactical options for how to progress in dangerous situations. This will all be present across an immersive experience in virtual reality that's focused for PSVR.

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