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The Game

Boom Ball 3 is a mobile version of what was a motion control based game Review on Xbox One Kinect. This is an interesting change-up and one that works really well with touch controls. This is a premium offering which means there are no ads or microtransactions after an initial purchase. The game is packed with content as you work through fifty levels and multiple bonus levels that are unlocked by hitting medal goals. Each level in the game has multiple tiers of difficulty to master and goals in order to achieve the medals.

The levels are charming with this being a game that's great for all audiences. The blocks have fun faces, are placed in various shapes and have dynamic movements to them. It's a good balance of difficulty here as the game challenges while still being a fun time. This is a single player experience and one that offers many hours of play. Each area that you work through is themed, distinct and full of some fun references. There really is some great value here and it looks really good on mobile devices.
Boom Ball 3 Screenshot IOS
Boom Ball 3 offers great gameplay value with tons of levels and controls that work perfectly well for touch. The goal is simple in that you bounce balls against the shapes, but other things come into play such as power-ups. The visuals were impressive and the distinct style of the game works well on mobile devices. It's a great title for all audiences and particularly the younger ones. There's a good challenge for anyone however with multiple tiers of difficulty and goals to unlock medals so that bonus levels can be accessed. It's a good package with great value. It adapts the motion controlled original well and hopefully we'll see more of their titles also get ported over to this market.

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Boom Ball 3 Review on IOS
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Rating Overall: 8/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner