Best Xbox One Football Games

This selection of the best Xbox One Football games includes a fair variety of options. While you might assume there's only one entry in this mostly US sporting event, there are actually some choices out there. I've outlined some of the games you can check out that are football focused in design and what they aim to present. It might be obvious what the top option is, but if you're looking for something different you may like some variety to choose from. The list is found below in a ranked order as to which you should look into the most.

#1: Madden NFL
The biggest name in virtual Football this franchise has the exclusive NFL license. It has yearly releases that provide updated rosters and fresh mechanics. It continues to push the quality of the sport with improving visuals and realism throughout the experience. There are full career modes, online multiplayer and many ways to take in the sport. They've also been presenting a story mode as well recently. This was the obvious first choice for this listing.
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#2: Mutant Football League
Bringing something a little bit different to the table, in this game you play the sport but with wacky mutated monsters. That's right, enjoy arenas inspired by the apocalypse with a massive list of teams and ways to play. There's the standard season to work through, local matches and online multiplayer as well. Instead of aiming for realism you can bend the rules with dirty plays, bribing the ref and wild altering power-ups. It's a lot of fun.

#3: Axis Football
While this may not be perfect, it aims for realism with a plethora of custom teams and ways to alter that experience further. There's a season option to play and many exhibition choices. It presents the sport fairly well with solid commentary, but does have some performance problems. That being said, it has grown greatly over the years as a fine competitor.

#4: Maximum Football
This one brings up the back, but it does have full seasons and ways to play the sport regularly. There's also the extra benefit of choosing to play with Canadian rules if you'd like, or what you might consider are the traditional American ones. It does do something different, but has many performance problems and visually isn't amazing.

Those are the best Xbox One Football games out there for the console. They may not all be perfect, but it's worth checking out the competition. It's great to see the sport continue to get more exposure through multiple games as while some are rough around the edges, over time you'll see growth and improvements hopefully.

It's especially neat to see such a selection on consoles as that area is usually dominated by a soul victor, with that being Madden. Check out our review of the latest Madden release below and the EA Sports hub for similar simulation coverage.

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