Astro Nintendo Switch A10 E3 2018 Preview

Astro is one of the bookings I have every year and strangely at E3 2018 they were the very last booking I made. This was a different type of visit for me as typically I sit down in a small area and get a presentation. They're not exactly showcasing anything new, but they were highlighting existing headsets and their great fresh partnership with Nintendo. This was expected however as they've spent the last few years revamping their line-up for this console generation.

They did have a special edition anniversary headset there, it wasn't different than their high end premium models yet had a sleek look to celebrate their history. The Nintendo partnership presents fancy cups for existing models and a special The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild A10 headset. The A10 line is an excellent option and I'm honestly surprised they were able to get it to work so well with the console.
Astro Nintendo Switch A10 Screenshot
There's quality audio coming from the device and it works well within the existing setup for the console. It's a much better offering for listening to the gameplay from the Nintendo Switch and a comfy one at that. This isn't exactly anything too different from the previous A10 models I've reviewed, but I do find it impressive for this particular console.

I was able to test it out with Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition and came away generally thrilled by the option. You can read my review on the style below, but this one is slightly different with its theme. They took the golden dark style from Breath of the Wild and it looks great. This is a gorgeous headsets that provides a quality offering for the platform. With it being Astro I'm not at all surprised, should be a solid choice for owners of the Switch.

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