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Outlast 2 Xbox One X Install Size

The install size for Outlast 2 on Xbox One X has been revealed coming in at an alright size with the enhanced option being available starting October 25, 2017 taking up a total of 19.80 GB on the Xbox Marketplace. The base model size is 18.83 GB. The install size was grabbed from the console with the game having been given a small update and it now showing up under "Xbox One X Enhanced Games" tab. The option to turn on 4k assets for games is present under "Settings - System - Backup & transfer - download 4k game content". These install sizes should be the final number we'll see for the game unless any DLC is announced for the game like the first entry saw. It should be noted that the game does support full 4k at 3840x2160 though no noted resolution options are currently present. I honestly find this size rather small for the increase, but all developers handles compression or graphic options differently.

Outlast 2 is the horrifyingly darker sequel to the original game that takes players to the open world. As a cameraman you venture out with your wife on the trail of this murder. You're both investigative journalists that are willing to venture into places no one else will. Things get wild and basically you're stuck in the middle of this intense civil war that's going on between wild angry factions. Run, hide and generally look through your camera to survive.

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