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Skyforge Xbox One Install Size

The install size for Skyforge Xbox One has been revealed coming in at an alright size at launch releasing on November 10, 2017 as early access with the full free to play release on November 17. The game takes up a total of 17.18 GB on the Xbox Marketplace. Skyforge is a free to play action MMORPG that takes players to the sci-fi/fantasy world of Aelion. Aside from various microtransactions the game can also be grabbed through various founder levels. This includes the standard founder pack for $14.99 USD, the deluxe founder pack for $29.99 USD and gold founder pack for $79.99 USD. I'll list what each package includes below.

There are 14 unlockable classes and you swap between them on the go. Each brings skills and unique twists to the dynamic action combat system to dodge enemy attacks, perform powerful combos, and vanquish your foes with devastating finishing attacks. The game offers dozens of hours of gameplay for all types of MMO players from the story to various missions, dungeons, raids and PVP battles.

Early Access to Skyforge, 10,000 Argents and 7 days of Premium Subscription

Early Access to Skyforge, Berserker Class Unlock, 20,000 Argents and 14 days of Premium Subscription

Early Access to Skyforge, Berserker Class Unlock, Gunner Class Unlock, Exclusive Glider mount, 40,000 argents and 60 days of Premium Subscription. Marketplace Storepage (Showing on site)
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