Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Unique Orcs

The continuing battle for Mordor in Shadow of War is excellent as are many elements of the game. One of my favorite parts of the game however is the Orcs. Not really with their long never ending chain of speeches, but the variety of Orcs that are present within the world. You can get almost any sort of combination whether that's title or the type of Orc they are. The creatures can also change dynamically over the course your game after they've been introduced through damage and other mishaps that occur during battle.

For the most part Orcs are collected through microtransactions and other times just by collection. I've personally found my favorites upon the battlefield, but I could see some random great ones coming into the pile through the loot chests. To build on that whole discussion, they don't really factor into the game too much. Anyways, with that I thought I'd go over some of my favorites and what makes them special. Obviously I'd like to start with my star of the crew, Zugor the Bard. He's an epic addition that provides endless tunes and even pulls out a banjo like instrument during conflict. While I'm normally annoyed by long chats from my enemies, the music factor was pleasantly different.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Bard Unique Orcs
It's rather hilarious to see and charming, I find musical focused combatants to be hilarious during war simulations and this Orc really performs. Another favorite of mine that sadly perished too early was my rhymer, always talking in verses. It was magical to see him bring out some intense themes, never would have thought Orcs could be so thoughtful and deep with their threats of violence. This is matched only by the intensity of the moaner. Few words are spoken with him mostly being about groans and odd noises, but definitely one that stands out. The moaner also has a close pairing with the screamer, the one who screams a lot.

This Orc isn't even that into executions and just likes to humiliate with screams, it's quite something. While this crop of characters might be wild with noise, they do lack the finesse of the prankster as he performs some exciting feats. My final mention goes to one of the strangest looking offerings from the game, with that being the record keeper. There are literally tallies all over the skin of the Orc to keep track of maybe kills or something, it's rather interesting to look at actually. All of these named types are real designations that can show up while playing Shadow of War and I hope you liked to collection of strange types that could very well pop up while you play.

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