J!NX Fall 2017 Launch

While at Pax West 2017 I got to check out a number of booths and areas with some clothing brands being part of that circuit. I've really been looking to expand coverage on the site in new and exciting ways. With apparel always being something to have, it's nice to see a rise in options for those that enjoy gaming. J!NX in particular is working towards providing a growing selection of male and female options that fit towards a modern style. This being in a selection of clothes that other fellow players would recognize, but the general public you would run into would feel is just a neat looking design.

It adds a certain level of stealth to it all and provides functionality that would be more appropriate for a professional space or regular day to day activities that require a similar sort of look. Not to say having game logos isn't cool, but it's not something for every setting and I like to see more options like this line become available. With that, the J!NX Fall 2017 launch line-up features a wide selection of great items. These range from really awesome bomber jackets to neat in-house designed tees and of course more. They have a focused female line as well as having leggings and special hats/beanies for your head. They do also carry other items and have options for various game franchises if you're looking for that.

While at Pax though I got a look at this new line and was impressed by what they had to show for it. The fabrics are quite comfortable and the shirts themselves are very nice. Their bomber jackets are really impressive and saw other viewers take a high interest in them. I've included a link to check them out below and I'm sure there's probably some sort of design you would enjoy and if not, they have many really cool game focused clothing lines from the largest franchises to view.

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J!NX Fall 2017 Launch Clothing

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner