ThinkGeek: Zelda Breath of the Wild Collection

While at Pax West 2017 I was able to play many games and do some networking where I checked some apparel. One of those meetings included checking out ThinkGeek and this was rather exciting since they were bringing a special new fourteen-piece collection. This is of course The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild collection by Musterbrand. Musterbrand is a well respected clothing group in the gaming community bringing a high quality line of clothes that take the games we love and make them look like regular wear. Those that play games will know what you're wearing whereas others will just think you have a nice sense of fashion.

I personally love my Halo hoodie from a couple years back and this new Zelda collection is awesome. I got to check it out being displayed and wish I had grabbed a photo as I assumed the assets might have a tad more style to them. I merged some of the photos below since I thought they might give a better look at what's available. There are a number of outfits and pieces from scarves to shirts or even jackets. They all sport the Breath of the Wild look and I think they're awesome. I particularly love the far right Link Sword Sweater as it looks sweet and as I got to check them out in person, they feel fantastic. I'm also a fan of scarves for whatever reason which I can't explain, maybe it's the cold temperatures out here and there's a bright selection present within the line-up.

There's a good selection of items to enhance your existing look or provide a new one. There are items for male and female so it really covers something for everyone. The line all provides a comfy fabric and seem work work well across a number of weather conditions you might face. You can check out all the items from this collection at the link below and hopefully we'll be able to check out some of these items in further depth down the road.

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ThinkGeek: Zelda Breath of the Wild Collection Clothing

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner