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Elex Install Size

The install size for Elex has been revealed coming in at a medium disc size at launch releasing on October 17, 2017 taking up a total of 27.61 GB on the Xbox Marketplace. Elex is a science fantasy open world RPG that brings in strange technology and weaponry to tackle situations. Use your jetpack to burst around, fire an arrow at enemies or grab some heavy firepower. You're free to do what you want as well with multiple choices for dealing with everyone. Be friendly, become an evil individual or just go around doing what you'd like.

The way you treat people will cause a ripple effect within the landscape so be careful with how you interact in the world. The game is large featuring multiple environments and no loading screens for a seamless experience once you enter it. There's no class based systems so you can become whatever sort of hero you'd like to be. It's certainly a different sort of RPG as you blast enemies with magic, shoot them or use other tactics to conquer the landscape.

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