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NBA Live 18 Install Size

The install size for NBA Live 18 has been revealed coming in at a decent disc size at launch releasing on September 15, 2017 taking up a total of 26.54 GB on the Xbox Marketplace. NBA Live 18 is EA's latest effort to resurrect their Basketball series after many stumbles throughout this generation and the last one. It's had many trials and after taking some time off is back and ready to dribble once again. With "The One" you get to move through a dynamic career where you start out on the streets and make your way to the big leagues which I guess might be cool.

Embark on a legacy, build your own traits and then make it big on the courts. Side aspects to the core mode include building a franchise, taking part in live updated events through the season and ultimate team. The WNBA is also present within the game featuring all the teams and players, so that brings a nice addition for diversity. It'll be interesting to see if NBA Live 18 can bring the series back to glory or if it'll be another couple years wait until they try again afterwards. Marketplace Storepage (Showing on site)
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