Xbox One Gamer Pic Contest

The crazy folks over at Xbox have decided to have a community contest where you can enter custom created gamer pics to be voted on by the people at large to include on Xbox One. It will definitely allow for a large pooling of artwork from a vast majority of people to hopefully create some unique images for us to proudly display on our gamertags. Anyways i've included the details of what you need, where to upload and the rules of this contest. Also added mine below which will have a vote for link added later since I would love to have this smiley homage of mine to return.

Your Gamer Picture Details
100 Winners are Selected
Must be 1080 x1080 px in 96dpi.(resolution) with a .png format
Original Art, created by you
Photographic, illustration or graphic designs
Images must have no text
Upload Your Design or Find More Details Here

Custom Xbox One Gamer Picture Smiley

Article by: Jason Stettner