Agents of Mayhem: Missions

Agents of Mayhem features a sprawling 57 missions that can be accessed in a number of special spots across the large open world of Seoul. It's best to look at these missions as all being optional aside from the main quests. They're all presented in a flowing sort of way and I'll place them in order of how I worked through them. The missions range from key quests, to boss fights and even agent unlock ones as well. The "Core" missions are essential story ones, any entry that notes an unlocked character that's where you earn an agent and the other ones are just regular standalone character missions.

Operation: Rage Arrow - Unlocks Rama (Deadshot)

Operation: Heaven Sent (Core) - Beam with Pride
Operation: Heaven Sent (Core) - Skyfall
Operation: Heaven Sent (Core) - All You Can Eat

Operation: Race Against the Plague

Operation: Thick as Thieves
Operation: Hardasssss
Operation: No Escape

Operation: Royal Pain - Unlocks Kingpin (Skinpiercer)

Operation: Caged Ice - Unlocks Yeti (Master Programmer)

Operation: The Morning After - Unlocks Daisy (Shieldbuster)

Operation: Technologia - Unlocks Joule (Master Programmer)

Operation: Demon & Fox - Unlocks Oni (Giant Slayer)

Operation: Big Game - Unlocks Red Card (World Savior)

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Operation: Star Power (Core) - All the Rave
Operation: Star Power (Core) - Run the Gauntlet
Operation: Star Power (Core) - Working in Concert

Operation: Boom!
Operation: Steal the Show

Operation: Dimensions of the Ninja - Unlocks Scheherazade (Deadshot)

Operation: Machine Man (Core) - Cybersleuth
Operation: Machine Man (Core) - Corporate Welfare
Operation: Machine Man (Core) - Press X to Object

Operation: Worlds Within Worlds
Operation: Coldfinder

Operation: Red Queen (Core) - Dancing in the Streets
Operation: Red Queen (Core) - Grief Counseling
Operation: Red Queen (Core) - Sibling Rivalry

Operation: Aiko's Story

Operation: Madhouse (Core) - Rise of the Bots
Operation: Madhouse (Core) - Bubble, Bubble, Toil and...
Operation: Madhouse (Core) - Enter the Dollhouse

Operation: Das Crazy
Operation: Bombshells (Cross-Over) - Unlocks Skins
Operation: Franchise Force (Cross-Over) - Unlocks Skins

Operation: Damocles (Core) - Sleeping Giant
Operation: Damocles (Core) - Hunter Hunted
Operation: Damocles (Core) - Two Birds
Operation: Damocles (Core) - Fall of Babylon

Operation: Let's Go - Unlocks Braddock (Giant Slayer)

Operation: Crowning Achievement

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Agents of Mayhem: Missions Screenshot

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner