Moss E3 2017 Impressions

Moss was one of many VR titles I was able to play while at E3 with the game standing out with its charm. It's a simple setup as you guide a mouse along a path and this demo really was somewhat of a tease for what to expect. The game will initially be on Playstation VR and that's the headset I was able to demo the game with. The first thing to note is the amount of depth within the environment, you could look around and see there was more to this than what an initial glance provides.

Think of it like a typical platformer, but instead of being locked you can take a look around at the surrounding area. I was impressed with the visuals of the environments and the charm of the lead character. It's nice to see this little mouse get some elements of charm as she would often interact with me. Being a VR game I get somewhat into them and would wave back as the mouse does know you're there. Our journey began in a small forest area and we worked towards some ruins.

Moss Screenshot E3 2017 Impressions
It was a simple walk with the idea of the area to teach you basics of how things move. Usually movement was simple with the controller and then it gets dynamic as you move to puzzles. This is where some more interaction comes in as you move forward with the controller to grab things. You see this show up in the game and as a mystical force you adjust objects. The puzzle as shown above is at the gate to these ruins we were trying to enter. I shifted this giant statue over and then the gate unlocked. This was mirrored later on with a shifting circular area that had extra complexity.

There seems to be a fair balance of puzzles not just being some simple thing you would solve and I'm quite interested in seeing how complex it gets in the full game. After entering the ruins we get a tease of combat to take out some crab creatures. They weren't too difficult though some damage was taken along the way. This led to the circular area and then towards an open yet creepy door. The inside screamed boss fight as I entered and something slithered along for the demo to then end. I got a good idea of Moss and its lovely design that uses virtual reality really well. It looks great on PSVR and this could end up being a very charming game.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner