Hunt: Showdown E3 2017 Impressions

Hunt: Showdown was the first game I got to check out at E3 this year and it was actually rather interesting. The game is based around the hunting of monsters while also dealing with other players. This has matches of up to ten players fighting each other with everyone trying to capture a monster. The demo we were shown focused on two players working together with the goal of capturing a large ass spider. Players work as these special monster hunters (mercenary) that like to take out targets for profit.

You work on building up your character with supplies and items, but death is permanent. Once your character dies that's it and you'll have to start fresh with a new one which I could see becoming annoying. It's an interesting choice for sure and death did feel ever present while watching. The era is the end of the Victorian Age, late 19th century with locations being at the dark corners of the world.

Hunt: Showdown Screenshot E3 2017 Impressions
Our particular location and their current only focus was a Louisiana swamp which was rather lovely to view. It was dark, filled with trees and had a spooky atmosphere. There was also an interesting use of light not only to see, but how it could affect the world. They also noted that sound was important since players can make noises within the otherwise quiet environment. Nature and what lives within it will react according to how you move through it. I'll also note that the weather is atmospheric and not dynamic as I asked about this aspect. The game takes approximately 20-40 minutes per match and since time is limited at E3 there was limited editing done on the video to help progression.

The core of Hunt: Showdown is split into three different phases. The first is tracking (different creatures, location each time), trapping or takedown (mini boss fight PVE element) and the exit (where you leave with your prize). This is where things get interesting as right from the first boss fight everything is broadcast to everyone on the map. Players can then actively engage you at combat risking death or perhaps setting up a trap as you attempt to escape. As the ones with the prize you'll need to perhaps set up defense of even come up with a smart strategy to leave alive. Hunt is currently being worked on purely for PC and no other details were given for console releases which have been mentioned in the past for the game.

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