Dead Alliance E3 2017 Impressions

Dead Alliance takes the first person shooter and throws zombies into the mix, piles of zombies. It's a competitive shooter at the core, but there are of course your undead friends that shuffle along the maps to be used to your advantage or possibly your downfall. It's an interesting concept and I'm quite surprised that we haven't seen similar games recently. What I played at E3 2017 was three distinct modes to get a full taste of what to expect.

The first was a regular Team Deathmatch where we fought within a small cargo area, the second was a King of the Hill on a larger map and the third was a MOBA inspired mode on the same map as the second. You can actually watch all these matches from the video below which was my session with the developers. I'm still going to go over my thoughts in text, but the video is a nice visual asset for what I'm talking about.

The shooter aspect works fine with its class based system that offers small tweaks. I didn't find it to be anything crazy as far as taking the shooter genre to a new place, but the element of zombies does significantly change up the experience. You also have access to a number of zombie focused weapons in your arsenal that can give directions to what the zombies should be doing. It's interesting for sure and I'll honestly need more time with the game to fully get a grasp on the best ways to use the zombies to my advantage. For now, I felt that the balance of zombies was good with the creatures mainly being there as a side distraction. They only become a threat if you're not aware of they've been locked onto you during certain modes.

The guns had a decent variety and were great to shoot with the side weapons also being creative. The maps were well designed for multiplayer flow and they looked decent. There also seems to be a good amount of content from maps to modes though we'll have to see just how much when the full game does release. It's hard to get a full grasp during the short bookings at E3, but I liked what I played and am looking forward to seeing the finished version.

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Dead Alliance E3 2017 Impressions

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner